Video: Watercolour Time Lapse

journal blue

Watercolour Journal Painting Time Lapse: Blue Mountain and Lake 

One of the paintings from my watercolour journal.

Homemade watercolour journal book
Winsor and Newton watercolour palette
No. 6 round brush
No. 3 round brush
13mm flat angled brush

Video: Sony NEX 5T Video Test


Video: Sony NEX 5T Video Test

Filmed under different environments, both outdoor and indoor. Video quality of the Sony NEX 5T is surprisingly good! With great HD picture, sensitive focus with quick response, and colours of the videos are very impressive. Camera itself is very easy to hold and use, especially with the tilt-able screen, which makes filming in hard angles very easy. The zooming function on the lens itself is much preferable than the one on the camera body. Overall, it is a great camera which offers so much more than its size.

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