Northern Light – Watercolour Techniques

I love Northern Lights! It’s so magical…

the mixture of bright colours are just so beautiful.

I’d love to see it myself one day…

Here are some techniques that I used to paint these beauties:

Northern Light

I tried three techniques to paint these lights, and two of those techniques turned out with great effects:

Northern Light3

Technique one:

Apply masking fluid to make stars, once they dry use wet on wet technique. Apply clear water first then a layer of dark greens, then add light green strikes with thick paint where you want the bright lights to be, make sure to tilt the paper to the directions of the lights to get a smooth run down of paints. Then add some yellow and darker green to create layers. Leave it to dry then add foreground of trees and hills, and rub out masking fluid, and you are done!

Northern Light2

Technique two:

The above painting uses similar technique to the first one but with more runny water base to start off with, then add light green first, then darker greens. This technique gives less edges to the lights.

Depending on how you want your northern lights to be: with edges or without edges. These two techniques can be applied accordingly. Try to mix other colours into the lights and see how it turns out!

Happy Painting 😀

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