Watercolour Tutorial – Watercolour Dew Drops


Follow this Simple 3 Step Guide: 

dew drops

Step 1:

Paint background first, this could be anything from leaves to flowers

Step 2:

Draw dew drops with pencil, and use a wet brush with clear water to wet bottom of the drops, then use sponge or tissue paper to lift some of the background colour off

Step 3:

Add gradient colours to top of the drops and shadows, once dry, use tip of a sharp knife to scratch the paper to create highlights, and finally use the same technique in step 2 to lift colour off the centre of the shadow to create water reflection in the shadows.

And done! Simple isn’t it? Now give it a go yourself 🙂


…I have always loved dew drops, they are such magical little things…

Experimenting with watercolour

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